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HAGA Rekrytering AB is a coaching and recruitment company that, on behalf of the Swedish Public Employment Service, helps jobseekers and employers find each other through the ”Support and Matching” service (Stöd och Matchning).

We match jobs with suitable and qualified participants who are registered with us.

We have a large network in all industries and can offer our support in several different languages such as English, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Kurdish, Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian, German, French, Russian, Tigrinja etc.

The company is owned by Bengt Alvång and has offices in Göteborg, Malmö, Kristianstad and Helsingborg. ”Support and Matching” (Stöd och Matchning) is also provided remotely. 


Contact the Swedish Public Employment Service

Your administrator assesses whether ”Support and Matching” is the right service for you.


Choose HAGA Rekrytering as your provider

You have the right to choose which provider of ”Support and Matching” you want to get help from. Give one of our KA-number to your administrator at the Swedish Public Employment Service. 

How can we help you?

As a participant in ”Support and Matching” with us at HAGA Rekrytering, you get a personal supervisor who supports you all the way to the final goal – that you get a job!

We help you create a professional CV, you practice your interview skills so that you are well prepared when you meet the employer, we clarify your personal goals and give you a chance to visit employers directly. With our help you can find and convince the employer that you are the right person for the job. We do this together with you. As a team.